New features in version 4 (released 2015)

This page is designed to aid existing users understand and make use of the new features in version 4, as well as assisting with any transition from previous methods and terminologies. This section is ordered by page names.


The 4th version of the software represents a full rewrite of almost a million lines of computer code. The primary purpose of the rewrite was to ensure that the software can run on the latest versions of the Microsoft web server system and can utilize its advanced technologies. As such, it is felt that clients can be confident that this version will work well into the future.

With this complete rewrite came the opportunity to review every page and to make improvements and add new features wherever appropriate. Notable amongst these is the utilisation of AJAX functionality. In short, this is a tool that enables websites to emulate features you might typically seen in a desktop program, such as part-page updates and animations such as calendar and colour pickers.


The calendar page is a distinct feature of's identity. Aside from a date-picker for navigation, and a few cosmetic nips and tucks, this page is largely unchanged.

Day View

A crucial feature of the program, Day View remains familiar in its functionality.

  • Edits take place on the page, instead of in a popup.
  • Show recent changes, is an on-page listing of all changes made to the data you see in the day view. A very useful tool for monitoring and query solving.

Leave Chart

The all-new Leave Chart uses a wall-planner style layout to replace the previous calendar layout. It also provides the entry point for leave requests.

Leave Groups

This new feature is very useful for grouping staff together so that leave requests can be well-managed.


The Login page now forms main entry page for visitors and features easy links to all areas in a clean and simple interface.

Set Display

Some options have been moved around to make things more logical. A nice feature of Set Display is the ability to customise layout colours to anything. There's also a handy feature to set the layout colours to exactly match the saved logo.

Slot View

NEW: Slot View is simpler alternative to Week View. Instead of name per row it features slot-per-row and is fed by the existing Min-by-Shift settings.






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