Invoices are normally generated monthly and are calculated according to how many active staff are on the rota at the moment of invoice generation.

Standard Version 1 GBP£1.50 Per person, per month
Advanced Version 2 GBP£2.00 Per person, per month
Former staff 3 10% of standard rate
Billing discounts 5% Quarterly in advance
  10% Annually in advance
For example, if a workplace has 50 people, it would incur a monthly invoice of £60, less any billing discount.

1 The standard version is what most workplaces use.
2 The advanced version has sub-shift management capability to handle break times and room moves.
3 Former staff are those with a past leaving date. Workplaces may decide to keep former staff (and their activities) available for a given time period for reference. This feature is also useful for seasonal rotas whereby staff can be held on file to become reactivated in the next season.

Payment Methods and Terms

Method Terms
Cheque on Invoice 30 days, UK cheques only
BACS/Bank Transfer 30 days
Credit card, online via Paypal 30 days

SMS Credits

Applicable only where the rota uses mobile phone messaging. A quantity of credits is purchased in advance and placed in the rota's account. SMS messages can be used to broadcast rotas, send individual or group messages, shift invites, swap requests etc.

Location tokens per message 100 credits 1000 credits
UK, Rep of Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands 1 GBP£12.20 GBR£103.82

Franchises, dedicated and self-hosted versions

For larger rotas (around 500+) there is an option to run the software in a dedicated environment for a flat fee of £500 per month. can provide all-inclusive hosting and support or can install on the client's own infrastructure if suitable i.e. Microsoft Web Server. is open to franchising opportunities. The software is fully capable of rebranding and translation.

Terms of Contract

Subscribers may cancel their service at any time. Billing is dependent on a rota actively being used. If a rota  is without recent activity then no invoice will be generated and the rota  will subsequently lapse. Some rota  users are short events such as festivals and exam invidulation.

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