Security Access: Level 0 or 1 users, with Unfilled ticked in Set Security

This page is for viewing and controlling the unfilled positions. The most common activity here is opening shifts to volunteers. The announce feature on this page enables the administrator to send a server email to all qualified staff.

Tip: Even though you may be an administrator, and not on the rota, you could find it useful to set your staff record to User Level 1 and enable yourself for volunteering and for all jobs and locations. This means you'll be able to see what the volunteering staff see.

The data on this page is fed by Min by Shift data and shifts created in Events. Initially all shifts are closed. Opening a shift means that it is available for volunteering and will appear on a user's Volunteer page. This page also leads to the Invite function to invite somebody to fill a specific shift. Shifts can be opened individually, by date, or by a range of dates.

Opening Shifts

To open all shifts for a given date, click Open All.

To open shifts singly, click on Review, this will offer all shifts for that day. Then click Open for the desired shifts.

You can also open shifts for a range of dates with the date selector at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Priorities

Volunteering staff can be defined by three different priorities - first, second, and third. When a shift is opened, only staff with first priority will be able to see and volunteer for a shift. This is used to enable favoured staff to get the first opportunities to take shifts. The administrator can subsequently open a shift (or selection of dates) to the second and third priority staff. In the right hand side you will see that shifts are denoted Open to Volunteers-1. Clicking the adjacent Open button will open it to 1st and 2nd priority, clicking again will open to all, clicking again will restore it to first priority.

Note: By default, only first priority is used for staff and shifts, and may be all that is needed.

Announcing by email

The chances are that when you open shifts, you want to tell staff that there are open shifts they can volunteer for.  The Announce section enables just that.

  • First review a date.
  • Select a Volunteer level. The program will then know which staff are qualified for shifts.
  • Choose a greeting, informal or formal.
  • Enter or edit the message. (It is saved from the previous usage.
  • Using the shorcut [D] means that the email will replace it with the review date. This means you don't need to rewrite a date on subsequent uses.
  • Click the send emails button. The program will send personalised emails to relevant staff.

Inviting Staff

A person can be invited to fill a specific shift. Click on the shift definition i.e. Ctr - Ast - 7am-3pm in the above example. This will take you to the Invite page. (Further information is found on the link.)

Although normally an invite is accepted or rejected by the relevant staff (a system email is sent), in the example above you can see that the administrator can do this on the person's behalf.

Closing Shifts

Closing shifts functions in the same manner as opening them. This simply means they are not available to volunteers, although the shift is still unfilled. You may, for example, fill the shift manually.

Removing Shifts

This means unfilled shifts do not need to be filled, therefore can be removed from the unfilled list by clicking Remove. Should a removed shift need to be restored, it can be achieved in Day View on the given day.









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