Terminology: Volunteer in this context refers to staff choosing to take open shifts at the given rate of the employment terms, (it doesn't mean working for free.)
Security Access: Staff who have Volunteer enabled set in their staff record. The page is accessed via the Volunteer icon at the top right of the page.

This is one of the most used pages in the program. Staff can take open shifts subject to the criteria set by your administration. The page is used in conjunction with the Unfilled page, where the administrator opens future shifts to volunteers.


When a staff member visits the volunteer page, he will be able to view upcoming shifts (left) and peruse, and possibly take, open shifts (right). He will only be able to see shifts he is qualified to do. To view open shifts for a given date, he clicks on a date in the left hand column.

How to take a shift

In the example below, the employee has clicked on a date in his My Shifts list. The right column shows the available shifts for that date. He then clicks View for the shift he wants to take. At that point the full details of the shift with any commments is shown. He may then take the shift.

Validation of take process

Before the program enacts the taken shift, it validates according to the following list, and will alert the user.

  • The shift must not create a situation where consecutive shifts worked exceeds the maximum allowable (See Exceptions)
  • The shift must not be a duplicate of an existing shift.
  • The shift must start after another shift on the day has ended, or end before another shift on the day starts.
  • The person must be qualified (job, location) to do this shift.

An example of a failed validation is shown below.

Page Message

The text in the yellow box is an example of a static message that the adminstrator can set in Set Preferences page.

Volunteer Log

Administrators can monitor the shifts taken by volunteers by viewing the Volunteer Log. Additionally on that page volunteered shifts can be reversed, i.e. made available for volunteers again.

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