Leave Management

Managing staff leave can be a complex process, and there are many possible variations. This section will give an overview on how therota.com works with leave of different types. It links you to the various leave related pages that contain further information.

Types of leave supported by the program:

  • Annual days, including or plus public holidays. Leave allowance for the whole year or pro annum.
  • Accrual days  - leave days accrue depending on service.
  • Annual hours. Leave allowance for the whole year or pro annum.
  • Accrual hours. Leave hours accrue depending on service
  • Contract hours, where leave represents non-working days.

Leave Request process

The following are subject to various security settings and permissions defined by the rota administrator:

  • Leave Request by member of staff. They can first view the Leave Chart showing other planned leave from their Leave Group.
  • The request is notified to the Line Manager, i.e. person who can authorise leave.
  • The Line Manager uses the Approve Leave page to approve or deny the leave request.
  • If a leave request is approved the person's calendar is updated. Other processes occur, such as notifying that shifts may need to be filled by other staff. See Unfilled.
  • Staff have to ability to request the reversal of a leave period. Again, the Approve Leave page is used. Where a leave reversal is approved the program will restore the person's working shifts if applicable.
  • Throughout this process, the program generates emails and notifications to relevant parties.

Leave Groups, Dates and Limits

A Leave Group refers to the relevant collection of staff where their leave is dependent on the leave taken by others. This leave group is what the person will see in the Leave Chart

The rota administrator or line manager can set up a maximum number of staff to be on leave for any given day. This information is reflected into the Leave Chart and the Approve Leave page.

Settings for Leave

The Set Leave page contains a number of settings that determine how the leave system behaves. It is important that a Key Administrator of the rota reviews these settings before a rota goes 'live'.












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