Line Managers

The program can work with your existing line manager structure, although in the case here it refers to line managers who handle a person's rota issues. A line manager in this context can be set up to handle a person's rostering and leave management.

The Line Management Page

The Line Managers page gives an overview and listing of all staff and their line managers. Click on the column headings to sort the data. Even if the concept of line manage doesn't exist in the workplace, it is advisible to allocate everybody to a line manager here (except key admins) as this gives them their contact person in case of rota queries.

Batch amendments can be made using the options on the right. You may get a situation where a line manager leaves the workplace and staff need to be reassigned. This could also be used for line manager vacations.

A person's line manager can also be set in their staff record.

Managing rota assignments

It is not sufficient to simply allocate somebody as a line manager, they need to have options set in Set Security. If you only want them to be able to roster their own line staff, set the checkboxes and shown below.

Set as above, the Line Managers will have the ability to modify staff rotas in Day View.




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