Set Security
Security Access: Key Administrators only.

This page has two areas. Its main purpose is to set the functions that an administrator can see and use. Secondly as an alternative method for changing a person's user level and resetting his password.

Admin Users Checkboxes

After the non-menu items, the list of items corresponds to that of the left hand menu. Your security settings will be shown when you land on the page.

Whilst you may think it appropriate to give yourself access to everything, in practice there are probably a few options within the program that you won't use. Therefore it will make sense to remove them from your left hand menu listing so that your menu listing is more readable. Use the drop down list to change the other administrators.

Most items have their own code, although a few related items will share the same security setting. These are noted. Some, such as Set Company and Set Security do not have a checkbox. Access to these is determined by the Key Administrators specified in Set Company.

Staff with Function

This link will display which of your admin staff can perform the selected function. In effect it gives you the chance to change settings by function instead of by staff. Two methods of updating the same data.

User Levels

Although user levels can be changed in the staff record, you may find this functionality useful on this page too.

Password Reset

Security of user passwords must be taken seriously and only the user theirself should know and use the login and password.

Passwords are encrypted in the database and are not revealed to any administrator. (Neither can programmers view them without a decryption tool). Therefore if a password problem (perceived or otherwise) occurs, the correct policy is to do a reset here. An email is automatically sent to the user with the new login details. If there is no address on file for that user the email is redirected to the administrator.

If, for some reason, the administrator also needs to receive a copy of the emailed reset notification, the checkbox "Copy to me" should be checked. In this situation the email sent will indicates clearly to the user that the administrator has also received the email, advising them to change passwords after they have logged in.

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Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.