Day Fill

This page serves as an alternative to Day View and for some rota administrators it may provide a quicker means of creating a rota. The key feature of Day Fill is that a particular shift (Job, Location and Time) can be set and then names can be added to it with single clicks.

Adding staff to rota

  • From the calendar, choose the day you wish to edit. (If you last used this page instead of Day View the program will regard this as your preferred page and take you here next time you click on a day in the calendar.)
  • Set the dropdowns shown in the middle of the page.
  • As you set the dropdowns, the program will only offer staff that are qualified and available for working the shift.
  • Click Add alongside the person you wish to do this shift. This can be a working person in which can the shift is added to their current one.

Filling unfilled positions

Unfilled positions are controlled by the Min By Shift and Events pages. These are posts that need to be filled.

  • Click the Fill link alongside the posts you wish to fill.
  • Add the staff as above.
  • The items in the Unfilled section will be updated as staff are added.
  • Items without unfilled post will disappear from the list.

Removing staff

Clicking the Remove link will remove that person from the shift and set him to Available.

If necessary, the program will regenerate the unfilled position.











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