User Levels

It is vital for rota administrators to have a full understanding of User Levels. In summary, there are 5 user levels (0-4), two of which are for administrators (0-1). The other three (2-4) mostly concern the amount of rota data that a person can view. Additionally, a rota can have up to 3 Key Administrators - those with complete access to the program.

Level Description
0 An invisible administrator. This person can have any amount of administrator access, but never appears in the rota or leave pages.  As well as rota administrators, this type of access is suitable for those such as accounts staff who may required access to certain parts of the rota data (such as payroll), or senior figures in the workplace.
1 An active administrator. Can be present in rota and leave pages.
2 Can view working shifts for all staff. This user doesn't have administrator functions.
3 Can see working data his default location and for any location/day where he is working. This user doesn't have administrator functions.
4 Can only view their own shifts in pages such as calendar. This user doesn't have administrator functions.

Setting function access for level 0 and 1 users.

The Set Security page covers the full range of functions within the program, and is laid out in a similar manner to the left hand menu. Refer to that page for in-depth coverage. Care should be taken with the access settings for each administrator. The menu display is designed in such a manner that the user won't know what they are missing if you choose to restrict a person's functionality.

Key Administrators

Any staff with User Levels 0 or 1 are entitled to be classed as one of the three 'key administrators'. These are users with full and equal access to the rota, and ideally those who have had training and experience in working with the rota. To update the Key Administrators, go to Set Company.

There are pages that can only be viewed by Key Administrators. These are: Set Security, Set Company.

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