Minimum by Time
Security Access: Level 0 or 1 users, with Min by Time ticked in Set Security

This page enables adminstrators to create an overview of staffing requirements for a given day of week, job and location. Once this is set up it can help to formulate the Min By Shift requirements. It's only worth using if there are multiple staff in the same role who work different and overlapping shifts.

Data Entry

  • Set the dropdowns for the job and the location.
  • Choose a day, (Monday is a good place to start!)
  • Set the dropdown for time and quantity of staff. You only need to enter the time that the quantity changes.
  • If the location closes you should enter a zero for that time. Otherwise a 24 hour operation is assumed.
  • Copy your Monday entries to another day and edit as required.
  • Clicking the x alongside an entry will delete it.

What Now?

When you have completed this, go to Time To Shift. The data entered here can help you create your Min By Shift.




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Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.