The Timesheet functionality is branch of the Events functions.

Timesheets enables the compiling of the exact duration of completed shifts, so that data can be utilised elsewhere, such as for payroll or reporting. Although fully functional within the main website, it functions best in combination with the mobile version of the program, where a supervisor at an event can complete a timesheet at the end of an event.

A Timesheet (and its relevant staff) will have one of these statuses:

  • Not Required - This is the default state for any new event created.
  • Required - A checkbox is selected in the event, with a nominated person working at the event required to complete the timesheet. This may be modified at any time.
  • Confirmed -  All staff at the event have had their times confirmed, either by the nominated person via the mobile app, or in the Timesheets page of the main program. It may still be amended.
  • Accepted - The admin department reviewed the confirmed timesheet and accepts it. It will no longer be available for editing, although a re-edit option is available.
  • Exported - The option to export the timesheet has been taken. i.e. a CSV file has been created.

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