The skills area provides the opportunity to record and manage the skills of staff. Tracking time-constrained skills such as expiring certificates is a useful feature. The page shows staff with expiring certificates. Additionally, skills can be attached to selected jobs so that only staff with relevant and up-to-date skills can do the job. (See Jobs for more information.) You should also refer to Day Skills to review the skills set of staffing for a given day.


Add a Skill

This is the first thing to do. Things like first aid certificates, key holding, fire warden, languages etc.

  • Enter the name of the skill,
  • Enter a unique 6 digit code
  • Enter a description.
  • Check the box if the skill is operational, i.e. interacts with other rota data.

Add staff to the skill

  • Choose a staff member from the drop down.
  • Add a certificate number and expiry date if applicable.
  • Update

Expiring Certificates

Skill certificates with approaching expiry dates are shown.




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Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.