Journal Columns

The Journal Columns pages gives report makers the opportunity to design the column layout of Journal Reports. These designs can then be used in multiple saved or ad hoc Journal Reports.


Create a new Columns design

  • Click New. (The screen shown below will appear).

  • Enter a name for this column design and Update.
  • After updating you will be able to modify the columns shown in the Journal Report.
  • Click Add alongside any column you'd like to include, such as Full name, Date (in format or your choosing), Day Types, Shift Times, etc. Note that some of these columns report to the working shift and some to the staff's details.

Arranging the columns

  • Add will add that column to the design. You have 28 to choose from.
  • Up will move the column one position in the list. (Note that actually Up means Left, as this list of columns is used in a report from left to right.
  • Remove will remove a column type from the design.

Copy, Delete and Rename

These features work in the way you would expect, and require no further explanation.

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Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.