The Unacknowledge system is a method for administrators to know whether staff have logged in to check there upcoming shifts, and gives the opportunity to enforce an acknowledgement-of-shifts system. The program will alert the administrators of staff shifts that have been given since the person last logged in that are within the current broadcast date. From there the administrator can remind the staff to acknowledge shifts by logging into their rota.

Broadcast Date

The unacknowledged system requires that administrators set a future broadcasted date. With that established it means the program will monitor any changes to shifts between the current date and the broadcast date and will list on this page any staff with affected shifts who have not logged in since the change.

Reminding Staff to Acknowledge

This page gives the administrator the opportunity to remind staff to log in. This can be done with a program-generated email or SMS. The text for the email or SMS can be set in the boxes to the right, where they can be saved for future use. Additionally the administrator can click OK so that the person and their shifts no longer appear.

Sent Marks

When a reminder is sent, the list items are marked 'sent' accordingly. This is valid for 12 hours before a reminder prompt is offered again.

Unacknowledged Alert Button

When anything is listed in Unacknowledged. Relevant admins will see the yellow alert button, which is dismissed by click it to visit the page.

To avoid showing the alert button, untick the box as shown at the bottom right.













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