Staff List

The staff list is divided into three different lists, main view, secondary view and addresses (if you are using them).

To add a new person to staff

Click the Add person button at the top left. See the Staff Edit page in the user guide for more information.

To edit a person

Click on either the first or last name, this will take you to the edit page. See the Staff Edit page in the User Guide for more information.

Ordering and filtering the staff list

Clicking on the blue column heading will sort the list by that column. The symbol indicates the current sorting.

Former staff can be excluded from the list or you can view only former staff by using the relevant checkboxes. The guide below refers to the status of the former staff.

Alternative View

The secondary view of staff shows another selection of fields including user-defined fields (for example you might set one up for payroll or employee number.
The view also enables the view and switching on and off of the user functions of Request Leave, Volunteer and Swap and whether next day SMS reminders of shifts are sent. These things can also be changed in the staff record, but having them in the list view is very convenient for the administrator.

Leave View

This view shows columns in a staff record that relate to their leave settings. When the Leave View is selected another option for Leave type is shown to enable further filtering of the list.

Addresses View

This view provides a means of looking at staff addresses and is particularly useful for checking that addresses are on file when needed.

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