Lieu Days
Security Access: Level 0 or 1 users, with Lieu Days ticked in Set Security

Lieu Days are additional days that can be added to a person's leave allowance. These are awarded by an administrator on this Lieu Days page. The Lieu Days current tally is also used for carrying over unused leave and lieu days from the previous leave year.

Awarding a Lieu Day

  • Select a date. This is the date that a lieu day is being given for. Use today's date if not relevant any other day.
  • Get a selection of staff based on criteria: Those working on the day selected, or all Employees (pre-ticked), or all employees unticked. This provides the selection of staff shown in the middle box.
  • Action: Award number of days, including halfs if required. You can also set a negative figure here by selection Deduct Days.
  • Comment on the reason for the lieu award.
  • Review the staff listed and ensure that the correct ones are ticked.
  • Update.

When that is done, the staff awards for that day will be shown in the box Already Awarded for the date.

Lieu Days Log

All lieu day adjustments are retained in the Lieu Log.

Staff Leave Due

The image below is take from the staff list. You can see how leave due is calculated.

  • Firstly it should be understood that the lieu days total is the sum of all lieu adjustment for the current leave year.
  • The previous leave year due balance can optionally be brought forward and that's what creates the initial lieu balance for the new leave year.
  • Note also that leave days taken are not taken specifically from the leave or lieu day balance, but from the aggregate of that total.
Calculation of leave due, taking lieu days into account:

Allowed for the year (or pro annum if applicable).
plus Lieu days
minus taken
minus planned
equals due












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