Import Staff

This is most useful when you are first creating a rota. Having formatted your staff list in the approved format (in Excel .xls), the staff can be added to the rota's staff list as a simple import process. The necessary Job and Location codes must exist in order to import.

Whether a record is inserted or updated depends on whether the username in the Excel file exists in the rota. If yes, an update of the filled-in fields will take place, otherwise a new staff record will be created.

This process is multi-part, i.e. uploading and applying. Should you be interrupted or need to check something you can return to apply later. The data held is specific to the user/operator, and won't conflict if another user/operator is also uploading staff. Details of uploads are retained for reference until your next upload.

Step 1.

Download the ImportStaff.xls file. You'll find it on the Import Staff page. Zipped up for your safety.

Step 2.

Fill in your staff data on the spreadsheet, paying particular attention to the instructions on the second tab.

Step 3.

Upload it from your computer.

At that point you'll see a list of recently uploaded staff. These are held in the import file and are not in the staff list yet. See illustration above. Note how the data has been checked and will be classed as followss:

  1.  Job or Location codes are wrong
  2. Update button, if data is valid and the user name exists
  3. Insert button, if the data is valid and the user name is new to this rota.

Step 4.

Click the relevent buttons to update or insert the staff.

Step 5.

After applying, staff will be inserted into the staff list. The most common exception is where the user name already exists. For each person, you should visit and update their staff record (click on Select) and also their working parameters. These actions will validate the record and create necessary future calendar data.


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