Day Stats
Security Access: Level 0 and 1 staff who have the Day View option set in Set Security.

This is another view of the working day. It provides a listing and summarised charts that provide a useful overview of the working day.

Staff Listing

All working staff are listed. Click the column headings to reorder the list.


The first summary shows counts for location and job combinations.

The second summary shows job and shift time combinations.

Clicking on one of the locations in the first summary will filter the second summary by that location.

Compare to Min by Shift

If the rota uses Min by Shift and Unfilled, this table can be a useful tool for verifying the mins against the actual working and unfilled for the selected day.

The formula used is: Mins (from Min by Shift) less working, unfilled and removed (NLR) for that day. Any difference will be shown in the query column. Note that query items may often be legitimate. For example there might be more people on a given shift than the minimum requirement.

Refreshing - If there appears to be a discrepancy, click the force refresh button. This runs a function where the correct unfilled is recalculated for the day.


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