Security Access: Staff designated as Casual/Contractor have this option instead of Request Leave.

Availability is a page used by general staff in the categories of casual or contractor. Unlike permanent staff who request leave, Casual/Contractors can update their availability. This is most useful for when rota administrators allocate shifts. This ensures that they are not allocated a shift they are unable to do.

Updating Availability

This page enables general availability to be quickly set by the user (i.e. never on Sunday), and can also specify not starting before or finishing after the set times. This can be done for days of the week and additionally a user can set up precise availability for a specific day.

Using the Apply to all days from date enables a user to set future availability which might differ from their current pattern. A good example is a student being able to set his exam period or summer availability several months ahead.

Navigate Months

Clicking on the Month indicator will show the person's work and availability for that month. Individual days from it can be edited by click on the day. Generally the data is taken from the person's Weekly Availability.

Create Missing Days

At the bottom of the listing for the month is a button which will refresh the days for that month. It's possible, and quite normal, that if a person clicks a month which is several months ahead, the necessary days have not yet been created by the program. In this instance the user can create the necessary dates by clicking the button.

Yellow box message

This is defined by the adminstrator. See Set Preferences.


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